Meet Aire Guardian Linda Armendariz

Meet the Aire Guardian: Linda Armendariz

In order to get a job done, especially in construction, purchasing your own equipment outright is not always the most cost-effective option. Every project requires different solutions, and contractors often benefit from renting equipment for the project’s duration. One obstacle in construction is effectively closing in an occupied space. Contractors and facility managers need a way to contain dust and prevent airborne particulates from affecting those in and around the construction area. 

One very effective solution for containment is the Abatement Technologies, Inc. modular, reusable wall system. This is known in the industry as Shield-Wall. This system can be rented through a third-party company for single project use. In order to ensure rental companies are getting the best products to provide to their customers, it’s important to find a knowledgeable partner who can be available when you need them - this is Linda Armendariz and her team at Abatement Technologies. 

Linda and her team are dedicated to assisting our rental companies in purchasing the right equipment for an array of projects. Linda came to Abatement Technologies with existing knowledge in the asbestos and remediation equipment industry, where she worked directly with the customers purchasing the equipment. This experience has positioned her to be able to easily identify customer needs and industry trends when working with rental companies.

Why Rent Equipment? 

Contractors building their inventory typically work with two types of budgets: capital and rental. Typically, the capital budget is used for purchasing equipment outright.

The rental budget is utilized by the contractor when ongoing storage for said units is limited or not available as well as other reasons. This allows contractors to “try before they buy”, or spread out the monies used to purchase one item. Reasons like these are why Abatement Technologies partners with rental companies across the country. Currently, rental companies purchase products from Abatement Technologies for indoor air quality needs, including temporary containment of construction-related dust, air filtration, and drying equipment. 

For some, renting equipment may be the best option as it can provide a work around for the lack of long term storage availability and assigning personnel to maintain equipment.

Why Should Rental Companies Work with Abatement Technologies? 

Abatement Technologies’ customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. Known for our consultative approach, at Abatement Technologies we pride ourselves on our staff being not just a resource but most importantly, an asset to our rental partners. 

Our customer service doesn’t end once the sale is made. For example, the rental market team provides free virtual and in-person training to rental companies about Abatement Technologies’ products. Not only does this benefit them and their clients, but it also allows us to learn how we can continue best assisting our partners. 

Abatement Technologies is already a triple threat in the industry. Our high-quality products, knowledgeable sales team, and dedication to customer service sets us apart from the competition and makes Abatement Technologies the preferred vendor for many rental companies. 

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