Renting vs. Buying Temporary Containment Walls

The world of construction and design is always advancing as innovative, cost effective, and sustainable solutions are introduced into the marketplace. Temporary modular containment walls are the perfect example of this. Modular containment walls—like our SHIELD WALL™ system—are a versatile and adaptable alternative to traditional drywall and poly sheeting containment methods. 

Temporary modular containment walls offer a variety of benefits to commercial construction and renovation projects, from an aesthetically pleasing appearance to a more efficient set-up. Modular containment systems can be installed significantly faster than traditional methods, saving time and reducing labor costs. These reusable walls are constructed with eco-friendly materials, meaning less waste and faster cleanup at the end of a project. 

The flexibility, speed, and cost effectiveness of temporary modular wall systems have redefined the way contactors contain dust and other airborne pathogens during construction. From hospital construction to office space renovations and many other projects, and whether buying or renting,  temporary modular wall systems provide a practical and sustainable alternative to older containment methods. While purchasing the walls is an excellent multi-use solution, renting can also be an attractive option.

Renting Modular Containment Walls

Though the upfront cost of modular containment systems may seem comparable to traditional methods, time and labor savings in addition to reusability make them the most cost-effective solution. In fact, our SHIELD WALL™ containment walls can pay for themselves in as few as two or three uses, depending on the scope of the project. Purchasing modular containment walls outright is an easy decision for some while others, especially those with short-term projects, or those who do not have the storage space between jobs, may benefit from using a rental service that provides the containment walls alongside a quick installation and teardown service.

Renting the walls can reduce the initial investment, which is helpful when you're looking to control costs while still reaping the benefits of modular containment solutions. For some companies, the expense of renting may fall under a different budgetary spend, making it easier for approvals. Renting also allows contractors to try the modular walls before purchasing to assess how they will work in different spaces and help make decisions about whether they’re a good long-term investment.
For some, purchasing modular containment walls outright is the best option, but those with short-term projects may benefit more from leasing or renting the walls. Companies can work with a knowledgeable team of experts to help determine what will work best for their project. These experts may ask key questions, such as:

  1. How many projects do you have that require containment?
  2. Do you have space to store modular walls between projects?
  3. What is the length of time between the start and finish of a project? 
  4. Do you have the staffing to install and maintain the walls?

While purchasing the walls is an excellent long-term solution, renting can also be an attractive option. And, with a knowledgeable team of IAQ experts on staff, Abatement Technologies’ consultants can help guide you through the selection process and help determine if renting is the best financial route for your needs.