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FLIR b40 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR b40 Building Thermal Imaging Camera

Provides Non-Invasive Monitoring and Diagnosis of Wet Conditions Behind Walls and Under Surfaces

The FLIR b40 Thermal Imaging Camera uses the latest infrared detector technology to instantly reveal wet conditions behind walls and under surfaces. The FLIR b40 captures an entire room and indicates moisture levels in places where moisture meters can’t reach.

High-tech features of the FLIR b40 Thermal Imaging Camera include:

  • Lightweight - Weighs only 1.3 pounds for easy one-handed operation
  • Picture-in-Picture Fusion Technology - Displays thermal image super-imposed over a digital image
  • Dew Point Alarm - Displays building areas where surface condensation is present and shows a potential for mold growth
  • Insulation Alarm - Identifies insufficient insulation in buildings where insulation requirements are not met
  • Sharp Image Resolution - 3.5” LCD with razor sharp 14,400 pixel resolution (120 x 120 pixels)
  • Visible Light Digital Camera - 0.6 mega-pixel resolution with LED lamps provides sharp images regardless of lighting conditions
  • 0.1° C Thermal Sensitivity - Provides the resolution needed to find problems faster and easier
  • Optimized Temperature Range - Measures from -4 to 248°F (-20 to 120°C) targeting building applications
  • Convenient Thumbnail Image Gallery - Allows quick search of stored images
  • Radiometric JPEG Images - Patented technology used to save images in standard JPEG format for easy e-mailing and analysis using QuickReport ™ PC Software (included)
  • 100 GB microSD Card - Store more than 1,000 radiometric JPEG images
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery - Battery lasts for 5 hours of continuous use
  • Area (Min/Max) Mode - Spot marker shows the minimum or the maximum temperature reading within the selected area

Includes: 1 GB microSD card, miniSD adaptor, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, power supply, QuickReport software, USB cable, lens cap, hand strap and heavy duty case.

Part #: IRC-FRB40
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