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Information Resources for Water, Fire and Disaster Restoration Contractors

Learn More About Water Restoration Solutions from Abatement Technologies®

Welcome to the Information Resources section of Abatement Technologies’ Water Restoration Solutions Web site. This is where professional contractors can download brochures, learn more about the features and benefits of Abatement’s powerful line of water restoration equipment and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Downloadable Brochures on Restoration Products

Restoration Products Guide

Air Movers


Portable Air Scrubbers

Water Extraction System

HEPA Vacuums


Frequently Asked Question about Abatement Technologies’ Solutions for Water Restoration Contractors. Lean More.

Same Day Equipment Shipments

Emergency same-day shipments of hurricane water damage restoration equipment and flood supplies for disaster mitigation contractors. Lean More.

UL94HB Flammability Requirements

Learn how Abatement PREDATOR molded plastic cabinets meet UL94 flammability & flame spread requirements. Learn More.

Importance of ACH & Negative Pressure

Understand the Importance of Air Changes per Hour (ACH) and Negative Pressure to capture and remove airborne particles. Learn More.

Air Change Calculator

Determine the number of PREDATOR or HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubbers needed for your restoration, construction or renovation project. Learn More.

Facts About True HEPA Filtration

Read about HEPA filter technology and what constitutes a true HEPA filter. Learn More.

Things You Need to Know About HEPA Filtration & HEPA Filtration Devices

Learn how Portable HEPA Filtration Devices (HFD) can be an essential restoration tool for disaster mitigation or facility restoration projects. Learn More.

Caution!! U.S. and Canadian Workplace Safety Regulations Require Electrical Equipment That Is Safety Certified

Have the air scrubbers and air movers you use been tested & approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)? Learn More.

NRTL Product Safety Certification

Read about NRTL product safety certification for Abatement HEPA-AIRE and PREDATOR Portable Air Scrubbers. Learn More.

Comparing Manufacturer Airflow Ratings

Read why manufacturer airflow reading can be misleading. Learn More.

Why Insurers Should Approve the Use of Portable Air Scrubbers

Read the facts on why insurance adjusters should approve the use of HEPA-Filtered Portable Air Scrubbers on all water loss projects. Learn More.

What to Consider When Evaluating Portable Air Scrubbers

Learn about the factors to consider when evaluating HEPA-Filtered Portable Air Scrubbers. Learn More.