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RAPTOR® Series Air Movers for Restoration Professionals

Advanced Air Drying Technology Creates Exceptional Airflow to Dry Wet Areas Faster

Designed and built for water damage restoration professionals, the high-performance RAPTOR Series Air Movers from Abatement Technologies set new industry standards for quality, performance and reliability. In addition to structural surface drying during water and flood loss remediation, RAPTOR Series Air Movers are excellent tools for construction, renovation, janitorial, sanitation and general ventilation uses.

RAPTOR Series Air Movers

RAPTOR Centrifugal Air Movers

Powerful centrifugal technology creates exceptional airflow

Part #: RAM1000DBL (Deluxe)

PRED00HC RAPTOR Centrifugal Air Movers


RAPTOR Axial Air Movers

High-CFM, low-amperage air mover concentrates airflow where you need it

Part #: RAM3000DBL (Deluxe)

PRED00HC RAPTOR Axial Air Movers



Exceptional North American Quality

RAPTOR Air Movers provide quality, features and performance comparable to competitive top of the line models that are also made in the U.S. or Canada, yet they are priced competitively with air movers imported from Asia. Abatement Air Movers have been tested by Intertek Testing Services (ITS), and found to comply with applicable UL and CSA electrical safety requirements. Save money but don’t compromise on safety or quality.

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