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RAPTOR RAM3000D Brochure RAPTOR RAM3000D Brochure

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RAPTOR® Axial Air Mover: Model RAM3000D

RAM3000D Axial Air Mover

RAM3000D Axial Air Mover Creates High-Velocity, High-Volume Airflow for Drying Structures Faster

The powerful, durable and lightweight RAPTOR RAM3000D is a deluxe, full feature axial air mover from Abatement Technologies. It delivers almost 3,500 cfm of high velocity airflow right where you need it for structural drying, yet draws less than three amps. The RAM3000D is specially designed to dry sub-surface materials, such as carpet pads and subflooring, in "top-down" or "in-place" conditions.

A multi-position design allows the contractor to drive airflow at a downward angle, providing concentrated drying power to the wettest areas to speed up the drying process. When not in use, multiple RAM3000D units can be stacked securely with built-in interlocking channels molded into the impact-resistant housing.

RAM3000D Axial Air Mover controls include a three-speed switch, a green “On” lamp, circuit breaker, hour meter and a GFCI protected duplex receptacle for daisy-chaining up to 4 units together on one 15-amp circuit. A more basic model, the RAM3000S, is also available that does not include the GFCI receptacle, hour meter and circuit breaker.

Safety First

The Abatement Technologies RAM3000D Axial Air Mover has been tested by Intertek Testing Services (ITS), and found to comply with applicable UL and CSA electrical safety requirements.

Part #: RAM3000DBL (Deluxe model includes GFCI receptacle, circuit breaker and hour meter)
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Part #: RAM3000SBL (Standard model)
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Part #: RAM-STAND (Folding stand for both models)
Weight: 7 pounds
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Lightweight High-CFM, Low Amperage Axial Air Mover with Ergonomic Design Weighs Only 32 Pounds

State-of-the-art design and convenience features of RAPTOR RAM3000 Series Axial Air Movers include:

  • Advanced Axial Air Drying Technology - Two-speed, high-velocity airflow rated up to 1,950 fpm pulling 2.8 amps or less!
  • Durable, Lightweight Cabinet - High-density, rotational-molded polymer housing is strong, scuff-resistant and easy to clean
  • Safety-Certified for U.S. and Canada - ETL-certified to conform with UL & CAN/CSA safety and flammability standards
  • Multiple Operating Positions - Allows airflow to be concentrated to the wettest areas for faster drying
  • Built-in GFCI Receptacle - Built-in dual, GFCI-protected receptacle and circuit breaker for daisy-chain operation of up to four RAM3000D units on a single 15 amp circuit
  • Blue or Red Housing Color - Standard and deluxe models are available in blue and red colors; special colors are also available (minimums apply)
  • Extra Long Power Cord - Attached 25-foot power cord with grounded plug and built-in cord wrap
  • User-Friendly Controls - Low-profile, recessed controls with HIGH/LOW/OFF 3-position rocker switch and green "fan running" indicator lamp
  • Space Saving - Two units can be stacked and interlocked securely
  • Hour Meter - Logs real time operating hours at the job site

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RAPTOR Axial Air Mover Brochure
RAPTOR Axial Air Mover Brochure

Restoration Products Guide
Restoration Products Guide

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RAM3000S Axial Air Mover

  • Airflow - 3,450 cfm (High); 2,300 cfm (Low)
  • Net Weight - 32 pounds
  • Power Supply Requirements - 115-120 volts AC, 60 Hz, 15 amp circuit
  • Normal Operating Amps - High speed: 2.8 A @ 120 VAC, 60 Hz. Low speed: 2.3 A @ 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Circuit Breaker - 10 amps
  • Cabinet Material - UL94HB flame retardant resin with EPA-Registered microbial inhibitor
  • Power Cord - Hard wired 14/3 SJTW power cord with molded plug
  • Controls - Three-position HIGH/LOW/OFF motor switch with green "unit on" light indicating fan operation
  • Transportability - Built-in ergonomic carry-handle for even weight distribution and perfect balance
  • Non-Marking Rubber Feet - Attached rubber feet protect surfaces, eliminate vibration and secure the RAM3000D firmly in place during operation



RAM3000D Folding Stand Maximizes Airflow

Maximize the drying power of the RAPTOR RAM3000D Air Mover by positioning it above wet areas with the optional folding stand. The sturdy stand allows the RAM3000D to spread airflow across more area and provides full 360-degree directional rotation. This great add-on weighs only 7 pounds and folds flat to save space.


Stack Safely Out of the Way

Two RAM3000D units can be stacked
safely and securely ready for immediate use.
Interlocking tabs molded into the
side of the cabinet hold the units in place.

Two RAM3000D units can be stacked safely

RAM3000D control panel

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

The low-profile controls of the RAM3000D are recessed to protect them from damage. The built-in GFCI-protected duplex receptacle allows daisy-chain operation of up to four units on a single 15 amp circuit. Other components include a HIGH/LOW/OFF 3-position rocker switch, a green "fan on" indicator light and a built-in hour meter that logs real time operating hours at the job site.




Built-In Cord Wrap

The extra long 25' power cord with grounded plug stores neatly around the built-in cord wrap.

Built-In Cord Wrap on the RAM3000D

Environmental Testing Laboratories logo

Safety-Certified by ETL

Abatement RAPTOR Air Movers have been tested by Environmental Testing Laboratories (ETL), a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), and carry the ETL (U.S.) and ETLC (Canada) marks certifying that they comply with applicable OSHA and CSA electrical safety standards. Learn more about the importance of product safety certification.