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AIRE GUARDIAN® Anteroom (AG3100TM)


In-Corridor Anteroom Creates Temporary Emergency Solution for Secure Isolation of Infectious Patients

The Abatement Technologies® AIRE GUARDIAN Portable Anteroom Module is designed for temporary emergency use as an in-corridor anteroom to provide transition space and maintain proper pressure relationships between a patient room and the corridor. It is ideal for use in surge capacity applications where infectious, surge-capacity patients may require short term isolation in rooms that are not anteroom equipped. The AIRE GUARDIAN Module is placed in the corridor just outside of the room, and sealed around the door frame.

Components of the AIRE GUARDIAN include:

  • Strong, light aluminum frame consisting of: top frame, base and four spring-loaded, upright poles
  • Fire retardant PVC enclosure

Assemble in Place or Roll It Already Assembled

The AIRE GUARDIAN Anteroom can be assembled in place by one person in minutes. Color-coded alignment dots show how components fit together, and the blue floor makes it simple to orient the enclosure around the frame.

If pre-assembled and placed on the optional 900-pound capacity cart, the AIRE GUARDIAN rolls to where it’s needed. Once at the room entrance, the frame and enclosure are removed from the cart and placed on the floor. Large perimeter flanges at the ends of the enclosure provide a seal around the frame of the door to the patient room. The zippered entry & egress doors are wide enough for a gurney to pass through.

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