Products Catalog for Infectious Patient Isolation & Construction Dust Containment

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Solutions for Infectious Patient Isolation in Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Off-Site Spaces

Protecting Patients and Staff from Airborne Infectious Diseases

Abatement Technologies® offers a comprehensive line of proven HEPA-CARE® patient isolation solutions to help prevent the spread of infectious airborne pathogens and deadly particles. Our cost-effective, high-performance air purification systems are used by over 5,000 hospitals and healthcare clinics worldwide to create safer environments for patients and staff, and meet stringent AIA and CDC Guidelines, OSHA Standards and JCAHO Inspection Requirements for airborne infection control.

Patient Rooms

HC800C Create negative pressure Airborne Infectious Isolation Rooms (AIIR) or positive pressure Protective Environments (PE)

Flat-Space Conversion

Portable Patient Room Air PurificationRapid conversion of hospital “flat-space” into patient cohorts


Alternate Site Patient Isolation

PAS2400HC Portable Air Filtration SystemConvert off-site facilities and community spaces into Infectious Patient Isolation Areas