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Flat-Space Conversion for Cohorting Patients

Patient CohortingConvert Designated On-Site Flat-Spaces Into Infectious Patient Cohorts

In the wake of a biological, chemical or nuclear attack or a pandemic, hospitals and healthcare facilities are likely to become a first line of defense, with large populations of victims seeking medical care and potentially requiring isolation from the general population. According to an independent study published in 2004 in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, cohorting and isolating afflicted patients in existing, on-site flat spaces is an effective and economical method for handling such surges:


Convert Designated On-Site Flat-Spaces Into Infectious Patient Cohorts "...approximately 10% - 20% of a hospital's operating bed capacity can be mobilized within a few hours ... with an additional 10% from conversion of "flat space" areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, classrooms, conference facilities, physical therapy areas, and hallways." –Health Care Facility and Community Strategies for Patient Care Surge Capacity, Annals of Emergency Medicine 2004; 44:253-261.

This study also recommends the use of portable HEPA filtration devices within the flat-space patient isolation areas:

“Portable HEPA filtered forced air units are an effective means of creating large patient care areas with the negative-pressure environment required for respiratory isolation. This design results in a significantly lower-cost alternative compared with construction of individual rooms or units with similar capability, and can be retrofitted to existing space. This type of unit would allow treatment of many more patients than current hospital capability would permit and would be an important asset in meeting the needs created by bioterrorism or a naturally occurring epidemic.” –Annals of Emergency Medicine 2004; 44:628-634.

Products for Flat-Space Conversion

Today, more than 5,000 hospitals and healthcare clinics worldwide rely on Abatement Technologies® products for infectious patient surge preparedness. Abatement Technologies offers a variety of economical products that are perfectly suited for fast and cost-effective conversion of on-site flat-space areas into infectious patient isolation wards.

Abatement Technologies Flat-Space Infectious-Isolation products feature HEPA-AIRE® Portable Air Scrubber HEPA-Filtration Systems, ANTE UP® and AIRE GUARDIAN® Portable Anterooms, ISOQUAD® IQ200 Bed Isolation Module and an array of other related particle containment products.

HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Filtration Systems

Maintaining negative pressure and 12 air changes per hour (ACH) in large isolation areas for multiple patients requires true HEPA filtration and a lot of airflow. Abatement Technologies high-efficiency, high capacity, HEPA-filtered units contain and remove dangerous infectious nuclei and create and maintain negative pressure to keep dangerous particles from migrating outside the patient isolation area.

HEPA-AIRE PAS5000HC Portable Air Filtration System HEPA-AIRE PAS5000HC Portable Air Filtration System

One 230-volt HEPA-AIRE PAS5000HC Portable Air Filtration System has the power to purify the air and maintain negative pressure and 12 ACH in spaces as large as 16,000 to 20,000 cubic feet. Learn more about the HEPA-AIRE PAS5000HC Portable Air Filtration SystemHEPA-AIRE PAS2400HC Portable Air Filtration System


HEPA-AIRE PAS2400HC Portable Air Filtration System

The HEPA-AIRE PAS2400HC Portable Air Filtration System is the most powerful and portable 120-volt unit available for converting on-site space into infectious patient isolation areas. One unit can maintain proper patient isolation conditions in areas as large as 8,000 to 10,000 cubic feet. Learn more about the HEPA-AIRE PAS2400HC Portable Air Filtration System.


ISOQUAD® IQ200 Patient Bed Isolation Module

The Abatement Technologies ISOQUAD IQ200 Patient Bed Isolation Module provides a flexible and inexpensive way to expand surge capacity in large on-site spaces. One person can pop-up the ISOQUAD IQ200 in seconds, without tools, When used in conjunction with one of our PREDATOR 1200 or PREDATOR 600 Portable Air Scrubbers, the ISOQUAD IQ200 can isolate an infectious or potentially infectious patient in a bed or gurney.

Portable Anterooms

ANTE UP Inflatable AnteroomTransition space, frequently referred to as an anteroom, provide a buffer zone between a potentially contaminated area such as a flat space conversion area and a common area. Anterooms are an important component of an effective patient isolation solution. The anteroom can be negatively or positively pressurized to control the direction of airflow and protect hospital personnel and other patients. Abatement Technologies offers two easy-to-use emergency anteroom options:

AIRE GUARDIAN Portable Anteroom

The Abatement AIRE GUARDIAN Portable Anteroom Module features a metal support frame and a soft-walled PVC enclosure. Learn more about the AIRE GUARDIAN Portable Anteroom Module.

ANTE UP Inflatable Anteroom

The portable ANTE UP Inflatable Emergency Anteroom fits into a soft-sided carrying bag and inflates within five minutes to create an emergency anteroom. Learn more about the ANTE UP Inflatable Anteroom.


Additional Information About Alternative Space Conversion

The Department of Health and Human Services' AHRQ Web site,, has information on both on-site and off-site* conversion to increase the number of beds available. An Alternative Care Site Selection Matrix Tool is available at to help rank alternative care sites based on necessary features such as conditioned air supply, showers and toilets and space to prepare food. The matrix includes schools, hotels, convention centers, sports arenas, churches and fairgrounds.

Call Abatement Technologies at 800-634-9091 (U.S.) or 800-827-6443 (Canada) and ask to speak with a Patient Isolation Specialist to assess and discuss your options for using on-site flat-space areas for isolation of multiple patients.