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Infectious Pathogen Control in Other Areas

HEPA Air Cleaning and Recirculation for Infectious Pathogen Control in Potential Risk AreasHEPA Air Cleaning and Recirculation for Infectious Pathogen Control in Potential Risk Areas

The use of Abatement Technologies® HEPA-CARE® Air Purification Systems as recirculating air cleaners can also provide significant infection control benefits in other areas of a health care facility where potentially infectious patients may be treated or where setting up negative pressure containment may be impractical. In these applications, the HEPA-CARE System functions in a pressure-neutral mode, continuously removing pathogens and other airborne particles from the air, and recirculating the filtered air back into the same space.

The HEPA-CARE filtration system purifies “dirty”, contaminant laden air by pulling it through two filter stages:

Reduce Airborne Pathogen Count for More Effective Infection Control

Operating HEPA-CARE HEPA Filtration Systems continuously in at-risk areas as high-efficiency recirculating air cleaners to reduce airborne pathogen counts helps accomplish two primary infection control objectives:

Hospital and healthcare spaces where HEPA-CARE air purification systems are commonly used in a recirculation mode for airborne infection control include:

HEPA-CARE Portable Air Purification Models

Portable HEPA-CARE models roll quietly to wherever they are needed at a moments notice. Used for days, weeks or months at a time, these highly mobile units provide the greatest flexibility at the lowest possible cost.HEPA-CARE Portable Air Purification Models

State-of-the-art portable HEPA-CARE models include:


HEPA-CARE Ceiling-Mount Air Purification Model

HEPA-CARE HC800C Ceiling-Mounted HEPA Air Purification SystemThe ceiling-mounted HEPA-CARE HC800C mounts flush with the ceiling grid for permanent installation. The unit is completely out of the way of patients and staff with controls that can be located remotely.


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Click to view a HEPA-CARE animation operating in continuous air cleaning and recirculation mode. Learn more about using Abatement HEPA-CARE Systems for creating Negative Pressure or Positive Pressure Infectious Patient Isolation Rooms. See how Abatement HEPA-CARE systems convert hospital “flat-space” into Patient Cohorting Isolation. Find out how HEPA-CARE Systems can be used to create Off-Site Mass Patient Isolation Areas.

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