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Announcing New Products from Abatement Technologies®

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PREDATOR750 Portable Air Scubber

PREDATOR® 750 Portable Air Scrubber


LGR Dehumidifier

ISOQUAD IQ200 Bed Isolation Module

ISOQUAD® IQ810 Bed Isolation Module

HEPA-AIRE PAS5000 HEPA-Filtration System

HEPA-Filtration System

Learn more about the latest state-of-the-art products to help improve indoor environments from Abatement Technologies.
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NEW PREDATOR® 750! The Best Small Air Scrubber in the Business Just Got Better!

Amazing Air Purification Performance in a Mobile, 35-pound Portable Air ScrubberPREDATOR750 Portable Air Scubber

The PREDATOR 750 Portable Air Scrubber features a unique, double-wall polymer cabinet and design that produces exceptional airflow and durability to make your jobs easier and more profitable.

Unique features of the PREDATOR 750 include:

  • More Airflow - Up to 750 cfm in a lightweight, 35-pound unit
  • Strong, Double-Wall Cabinet Design - Designed to last and withstand tough  jobsite conditions
  • Low Amperage Draw - Operates on 1.9 amps so you can daisy-chain up to five units on a 15 amp circuit for more air cleaning power
  • “Zero Bypass” Cabinet Design - Ensures that dirty air cannot bypass the HEPA filter and compromise filtration efficiency
  • Easy to Decontaminate - TEFGARD® finish makes the cabinet easy to clean and keeps it looking good
  • Special Cabinet Resin - Contains EPA-registered microbial growth and UV inhibitors
  • Better Filter Clearance & Access - “No tools needed” cabinet design provides easy access for fast pre-filter and HEPA filter replacement

Learn more about the PREDATOR 750 Portable Air Scrubber from Abatement Technologies.

Announcing the AQUATRAP® Model AT250R LGR Dehumidifier by Abatement Technologies®

Unsurpassed Structural Drying Performance in a Lightweight, Compact and Durable Roto-Molded Cabinet

Weighing just 100 pounds, the AT250R dehumidifier delivers exceptional LGR water removal and grain depression in a wide range of operating temperatures. With loads of features and an economical price, the AT250R LGR Dehumidifier becomes the best value available in the water restoration industry.

Superior dehumidification performance features of the AQUATRAP AT250R LGR Dehumidifier include:AQUATRAP AT250R

  • 147 pints/day water removal @ AHAM and up to 266 Pints Per Day @ saturation
  • Powerful 400+ CFM airflow
  • Outstanding water removal performance under a wide range of temperature conditions (34° F to 100° F)
  • Tuned for optimal performance @ 90° F
  • Sensor controlled thermodynamic defrost cycle
  • Designed for easy internal access and maintenance
  • Operates safely on 120V/15A circuits with power to spare (11.2 amps or less @ AHAM)

Learn more about the AQUATRAP AT250R LGR Dehumidifier from Abatement Technologies.

NEW! Highly Portable ISOQUAD® IQ200 Bed Isolation Module

Economical Pop-Up Bed Isolation Module Pops-Up in Seconds to Isolate Patients in any Size Bed or Gurney

  • Highly Portable ISOQUAD IQ200 Bed  Isolation ModuleWeighs just 25 lbs.
  • Pops-up in seconds. No tools required
  • Tear-resistant and flame-retardant fabric meets CPAI-84 flame spread safety standards
  • Offers an affordable patient isolation solution for acute and chronic care hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities
  • Fits virtually any size bed or gurney

When used in conjunction with Abatement Technologies PREDATOR or HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubbers, the IQ200 can help create negative pressure infectious patient isolation environments or positive pressure protective environments. Learn more about the affordable ISOQUAD IQ200 Bed Isolation Module.



HEPA-AIRE PAS5000 Portable Air Scrubber – The Most Powerful Air Scrubber Available for Purifying Large Spaces Is Now 63 lbs. Lighter and Even More Maneuverable!

The HEPA-AIRE PAS5000 Portable Air Scrubber has been redesigned to be smaller and lighter to take on the largest air purification applications. The new PAS5000 is the perfect unit for use in healthcare construction projects, water damage restoration jobs and construction & demolition projects.

The PAS5000 Portable Air Scrubber delivers more bang for your buck.HEPA-AIRE PAS5000 HEPA-Filtration System

  • Lighter – 332 lbs. net weight with filters
  • Increased Mobility – 41”L x 26.5”W x 56.25”H
  • New Optional Particulate Pre-Filter – Polypad pre-filter increases the life of the internal HEPA filters
  • More Versatility – Optional dual inlet manifolds can be used to draw in and purify dirty air from two different areas simultaneously
  • Same Powerful Airflow – Up to 4,000 CFM, typically providing 6+ ACH in areas as large as 35,000 to 40,000 cubic feet

Learn more about the high-performance HEPA-AIRE PAS5000 Portable Air Scrubber.