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Particle Containment Barriers from Abatement Technologies®

Isolate and Contain Airborne Dust Particles Released During Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Activities

Particle Containment Barriers from Abatement Technologies can help isolate and contain dust, airborne contaminants and odors when performing indoor building construction, renovation and day-to-day maintenance activities. Our high-performance dust control and isolation solutions install in minutes to provide a durable floor to ceiling protective barrier that minimizes the chance of dirt and particle migration from the work zone, allows the remainder of the building to be used normally without interruption and projects a positive image of quality and professionalism.

AIRE GUARDIAN AG8000 Mobile Containment Cart

Mobile Construction Containment Cube

Temporary Construction Barrier

Aire Guardian® Mobile Containment Cart

Mobile Hard-sided Mobile Containment Cart

AIRE-GUARDIAN Info AIRE GUARDIAN Mobile Containment Cart Info


Aire Guardian®
Containment Cube

Mobile Construction Containment Cube for Ceiling & Wall Cavity Access

AIRE-GUARDIAN AIRE GUARDIAN Mobile Containment Cube Info


Aire Guardian®
Anteroom/Transition Module

Anteroom/Transition Module Creates a Space for Moving Workers & Equipment

AIRE-GUARDIAN AIRE GUARDIAN Anteroom /Transition Module Info

Temporary Construction Barrier   Particle Control Awareness Barrier        


Temporary Construction Barrier to Enclose Work Areas

ZipWall ZipWall Info


Safe-Flex Work Area Containment Barrier

Particle Control Awareness Barrier Alerts Employees

SAFE-FLEX Containment Barrier Safe-Flex Info


Potential benefits of our cost-effective Particle Containment Barriers to professional contractors, building owners and facility mangers include: