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ICRA Construction Products for Wall & Ceiling Access in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Contain and Capture Airborne Particles Released During Normal Maintenance Tasks

Abatement Technologies® ICRA Products for Wall & Ceiling Access contain and capture airborne pollutants, including Aspergillus-containing dust particles, which can be released during seemingly harmless maintenance activities. Click on the links below to learn more about our state-of-the-art products to control airborne particles during wall and ceiling access in healthcare facilities.

Mobile Dust Containment Cart

The AIRE GUARDIAN AG8000 Dust Conatinment Cart The AIRE GUARDIAN® AG8000 Dust Containment Cart is the ultimate ICRA-compliant solution for containing airborne particles released during ceiling access.


Mobile Containment Cube

AIRE GUARDIAN Mobile Containment Cube The AIRE GUARDIAN® AG3000MCCK Mobile Containment Cube provides negative pressure containment of particles released into the air with outstanding mobility.


Portable Air Scrubber

Our Lightest, Most Compact Model

The PRED750HC Portable Air Scrubber attaches to the Mobile Containment Barrier to create negative pressure within the work zone and remove particles from the air.

HEPA Vacuums

HEPA Vacuum HEPA Vacuum models provide quick, on-site clean-up of particles in and around the work area.


HEPA Vacuum


Laser Particle Counter

Measure airborne particle counts The PC501 Laser Particle Counter measures airborne particle counts before, during and after the job to ensure particle count is at pre-work levels.