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Additional Particle Control Products

Precision Removal and Containment of Airborne Particles

Airborne particles can potentially create serious infection control issues during facility construction, renovation and maintenance activities. Abatement Technologies® Additional Particle Control Products provide facility staff and outside contractors with the ability to capture particles that settle onto surfaces and to precisely monitor pressure conditions and airborne particle counts.

Wet/Dry HEPA Vacs

Surface Cleaning &
Water Extraction

HEPA Vacuums
Water Extractor

HEPA Vacuums HEPA Vacuums & Water Extractor

Measures workspace differential

Differential Pressure Monitor

Continuously Measures Pressure Conditions

More PPM3 Differential Pressure Monitor Info

RPM Series Wall Mounted Pressure Monitors

Wall-Mounted Pressure Monitors

Simultaneous Measurement Between Multiple Areas

RPM Differential Pressure Monitor RPM Differential Pressure Monitors Info



Measure airborne particle counts

Particle Counter

Measures Airborne Particle Counts

Laser Particle Counter Laser Particle Counter Info


Seals off register grills

Grill Mask
& Dispenser

Seals Off Registers &

Grill Mask & Dispenser Box Grill Mask & Dispenser Info


Prevents shoe tracking of dirt


Prevents Shoe Tracking of Dirt Into Clean Areas

Sticky Mats Sticky Mats