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Information Resources for Healthcare Facilities

Learn More about Removing Airborne Particles from Construction and Maintenance Areas

Welcome to the Information Resources section of Abatement Technologies® Facility Construction and Renovation Web site. This is where professional contractors, healthcare infection control, engineering and safety professionals can access the latest information about capturing and removing hazardous airborne particles. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and learn more about the technical advantages of Abatement’s powerful line of Portable Air Scrubbers, Containment Barriers, Additional Particle Control Products and Complete ICRA Product Packages.

Discover how Abatement Technologies, the industry leader for HEPA-filtered Portable Air Scrubbers, can help improve the IAQ of your healthcare facility.

Customer Testimonials

Read what infection control professionals say about using Abatement Technologies Portable Air Scrubbers. Learn More.

Principles & Importance of Negative Pressure Containment

View the modes of operation that can achieve negative air pressure. Learn More.

The Importance of Conducting a Comprehensive ICRA

Download the white paper to learn why conducting an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) is essential for minimizing the risks of acquiring and transmitting infections. Learn More.

Dust Containment Modules Help Meet ICRA Guidelines

Click for the white paper on using AIRE GUARDIAN Mobile Dust Containment Modules to effectively meet CDC ICRA Construction Guidelines. Learn More.

Case Studies

See how customers in hospital and healthcare facilities use Abatement Portable Air Scrubbers to meet government guidelines. Learn More.

UL94HB Flammability Requirements

Learn how Abatement PREDATOR molded plastic cabinets meet UL94 flammability & flame spread requirements. Learn More.

Importance of ACH & Negative Pressure

Understand the Importance of Air Changes per Hour (ACH) and Negative Pressure to capture and remove airborne particles. Learn More.

Facts About True HEPA Filtration

Read about HEPA filter technology and what constitutes a true HEPA filter. Learn More.

NRTL Product Safety Certification

Read about NRTL product safety certification for Abatement HEPA-AIRE and PREDATOR Portable Air Scrubbers. Learn More.

Comparing Manufacturer Airflow Ratings

Read why manufacturer airflow reading can be misleading. Learn More.


Frequently Asked Questions about Abatement Technologies’ Equipment for Facility Construction and Renovation. Learn More.

Air Change Calculator for Construction, Renovation & Maintenance Areas

Determine the number of PREDATOR or HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubbers needed for your construction, renovation or maintenance project. Learn More.

Links & Articles

Additional information on removing airborne particles in construction and renovation areas. Learn More.

Technical Advice & Product Sales Questions

Contact a product specialist. Learn More.