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Download the New Asbestos Abatement Products Catalog



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State-of-the-Art Asbestos Abatement Equipment for Asbestos Removal Contractors

Helping Contractors Increase Productivity and Profits

Asbestos abatement contractors recognize that Abatement Technologies’ BULLDOG and HEPA-AIRE Negative Air Machines have been setting the standard for exceptional negative pressure containment while providing the industry’s best features and greatest value. Don’t be ‘penny wise and pound foolish’ and settle for the hassles and headaches of lesser equipment. For about the same price, you can have the asbestos abatement equipment that has remained number one in product reliability, performance and safety.

BULLDOG® Negative Air Machines

BULLDOG Negative Air MachinesDurable, Lightweight Rotational-Molded Cabinets for Easy Cleaning & Decontamination

HEPA-AIRE® Negative Air Machine

HEPA-AIRE Negative Air MachinesCorrosion-Resistant Galvanized Steel Cabinets with Aircraft-Type, Solid-Rivet Construction


Collapsible Decontamination Shower

Collapsible Decontamination ShowerCollapsible, Portable Decontamination Shower Fits Tall Workers


Quality. Reliability. Performance.

For more than 25 years negative air machines from Abatement Technologies have provided asbestos abatement contractors and other environmental remediation professionals with industry leading quality, performance and reliability. Abatement Technologies BULLDOG and HEPA-AIRE Negative Air Machines are engineered and built to deliver more “bang for your buck” and true HEPA filtration performance at a price competitive with lesser products. Why buy a system with a “HEPA” filter that is untested or tested at a low airflow? Each BULLDOG and HEPA-CARE unit is equipped with a high-capacity HEPA filter individually tested and certified at the rated airflow of the device to ensure minimum filter efficiency of 99.97% @ 0.3 microns.

Potential user benefits include:

  • Fewer machines needed on a job
  • Better maintenance of negative pressure conditions in containment
  • True HEPA filtration reduces contaminant levels
  • Increased useful filter life
  • Lower replacement filter costs


Better Filtration Helps Prevent Asbestos Contamination ProblemsBetter Filtration Helps Prevent Contamination Problems

The main purpose of using negative air machines on an asbestos abatement job is to contain harmful asbestos fibers within the work zone. A machine that exhausts contaminants becomes part of the problem for the facility owner, the consultant and the contractor rather than part of the solution.

Cabinets are rotationally-molded or constructed using aircraft-type solid rivet fasteners to ensure strong, leak-proof seams. Critical cabinet seams are sealed with heavy-duty, closed-cell neoprene gaskets and/or silicone, to prevent contaminated air from bypassing the HEPA and getting into the clean air exhaust.

Higher Quality & Durability for Improved Productivity

Equipment downtime and costly repairs can quickly surpass any price savings for cheaper products. Abatement neg air machines are "over-engineered" to withstand on-the-job use and abuse, and provide many years of reliable and virtually trouble-free operation. BULLDOG and HEPA-AIRE machine undergo a series of QC inspections before being packaged and shipped to customers, and are designed for easy servicing in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

NRTL Certified to Meet OSHA & CSA Electrical Safety Standards

Abatement BULLDOG and HEPA-AIRE Negative Air Machines are among the only products of this type that are tested and certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). This testing is required under OSHA (U.S.) and CSA (Canada) safety standards for electrical devices used for general industry or construction. All BULLDOG and HEPA-AIRE Negative Air Machine models have been tested and certified by Intertek Testing Laboratories, and each unit sold has an ETL certification label verifying that the machine meets applicable UL/CSA requirements.