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CAP® Whole-House Air Purification Solutions for Professional HVAC Contractors

Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

Abatement Technologies® cutting-edge line of CAP® whole-house air purifiers can help your company meet the growing homeowner demand for indoor air quality (IAQ) products. Learn how the sale and installation of CAP air purification systems can help improve residential indoor air quality and comfort, and your bottom line… Now that’s a win-win situation!

Air Purification Products for Contractors


IAQ products & technologies to fit the needs and budget of each customer.


Installation of Central Air Purification Systems


Typical installations for each CAP product series.

CAP products have comprehensive warrranties


CAP products are backed by a comprehensive product warranty.

Become a CAP dealer of IAQ products

Become a Dealer

Grow your bottom line & customer base with top quality IAQ products.


Contractor Pricing

Contractor Pricing

Download the CAP price list (authorized dealers only).


HEPA Filter UV Lamp

Filter & UV Lamp Replacement Schedule

Recommended filter replacement and UV lamp schedule.


CAP1200 Whole House Air Purifier

Contractor Testimonials

Read what other contractors say about CAP whole-house air purifiers.


CAP100UVP Air Purification Product

Contractor FAQs

Read Contractor FAQS about CAP central air purifiers.