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Contractor Testimonials

CAP1200Read What Contractors Have To Say About Abatement Technologies® CAP® Series Whole-House Air Cleaners


The fresh air intake was located right beside the loading dock area. Diesel fumes from waiting trucks came directly into the office area of the building. Black soot particulates as well as odors were the complaint. We routed the fresh air into HEPA filtered CAP units that cleaned the air and captured odors before introducing it into the building. Dramatic results. Happy customer.”

– S.L., Valairco Heating




Smoking guns – that was the problem. During the design of the gun range we wanted to eliminate the problem before the first gun was fired. We drew the airflow away from the shooters, filtered any lead particles and cleaned the VOCs from the air before exhausting it outside.”

B.R., Indian River


We have a lot of commercial maintenance customers that have office/warehouse buildings. The dirt from the warehouse activity and open bay doors can cause problems in the front office area, especially the computer and phone system rooms where clean air is a necessity to keep the systems up and running. We install CAP600 units above the hung ceiling and pressurize the room with HEPA filtered air for these applications.”

– G.W., Debonair Mechanical


I service a fast food chain in my area. They wanted to continue to allow smoking without disturbing non-smokers. We installed CAP Germicidal UV lamps in their returns to create UV and ozone for the odors. The smoke was controlled and the cooking odors were reduced as well, making it a much better environment.”

J.R., Rheaco Service


Abatement Technologies has been the Ace for us, and we really appreciate the product and the niche you have in the market. It's only because of you that we've gotten this far. Support is outstanding. Everyone there is polite and professional... and friendly! It's a pleasure to work with you.”

– L.M., Gentry Group, Cookeville, TN


Our customer, a daycare center, wanted to control diaper odors. We told them about the CAP Series ultraviolet units for the odor control as well as the health benefits of reducing airborne viruses. The odors have certainly been reduced and we will see how many runny noses there are this winter.”

– J. R., SE Allergy Relief


Cigarette smoke and bars always seem to go together, but our customer wanted to break the stereotype. This local bar owner wanted to control smoke from the bar area and keep it from the dining area. Redesigning their HVAC system wasn’t in the budget, so we controlled odor with CAP300 units to create ultraviolet and a controlled level of ozone to work on the odor and we used CAP600 HEPA units to create negative pressure in the bar area and filter out particulates and control the odor with carbon and a controlled level of ozone.”

– D.R., Clean Air Technologies

We were able to solve a continuing problem for a good customer with the HEPA filtered CAP600 units. Our customer, a printer, had the problem of paper dust in the film and negative area. It was a quality issue to their work and the HEPA filtration units really cleaned the air in that area, saving them time and money.”

– P.R., Revard Heating