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Installation of CAP Series Air Purification Systems

Designed for Installation by Trained HVAC Technicians

Abatement Technologies® CAP® Series central air purifier systems are designed for professional installa­tion by qualified HVAC installers. High-efficiency CAP units install into the HVAC air return duct near the air handler, in an out of the way location such as a basement, crawl space or attic.

CAP100 Series Installation

CAP100 Series air cleaners install in an in-line configuration into the return air ductwork of central forced-air HVAC systems. This ensures that all of the air passing through the HVAC return is filtered during every pass, and that only clean, filtered air is supplied into the occupied living space. The entire air volume within the home will typically pass through the CAP100 system between 50 and more than 100 times every 24 hours.

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CAP600 and CAP1200 Series Installation

CAP600 and CAP1200 Series HEPA air purification systems install in a ‘partial bypass’ configuration enabling the units to purify about 50% of the return-air during each pass through the HVAC system. Typically, the entire air volume within the living space of a home can be HEPA filtered 50 to 75 times per day. Peak air quality levels in the home are typically reached and maintained within the first 24 to 48 hours of use.


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CAP500 Series Installation

CAP500 Series whole house germicidal UV air purifiers install in the HVAC return air duct or mount above the A-coil. Installation requires just a single 1” hole and three pilot holes for the mounting screws. Once installed, the CAP500 irradiates the illuminated in-duct surfaces and the air circulating through the system 24-hours per day. The ultra-high output 16” UV lamp covers a wide range of duct and evaporator coil sizes.


CAP500 UV Lamp Installation on an Air Duct