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Limited Warranty Information for Homeowners

CAP1200Breathe Easier with Abatement Technologies®

CAP® Whole-House Air Purification Systems from Abatement Technologies are designed and manufactured to provide reliable, worry-free service in your home, with maintenance limited to regularly scheduled filter and/or UV lamp changes. We stand behind everything we build with top-notch customer service that has become legendary in the industry.

Abatement Technologies, Inc. warrants that goods sold to the original user shall be free from defects in material and workmanship. Please refer to the instruction manual of your product for detailed limited warranty information. This limited warranty does not include useful filter or UV lamp life.

CAP100 UVPIn the unlikely event that a unit should need warranty repair, contact the HVAC contractor that installed it. Provide them with the model number, date of original installation and a brief description of the problem. Your contractor has the parts and expertise needed to bring your unit back to original factory condition quickly.

Should you need assistance locating your authorized dealer, Contact Us or call Abatement Technologies’ Customer Service Department at 800-634-9091 (U.S.) or 800-827-6443 (Canada).