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U.S. 800-634-9091
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International 678-889-4200

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Money-Saving Start-Up Packages

Abatement Technologies® Provides all the Pieces Stairclimber features included on many packages.

Abatement Technologies has assembled complete turnkey packages of air duct cleaning equipment, supplies, marketing materials and training at very attractive price points. These packages allow an individual or company to offer state-of-the-art, residential or commercial duct cleaning services immediately.

Why Buy a Package?

These packages have been created to meet the equipment needs and budget requirements of most contractors. By purchasing one of these pre-assembled packages, you will be sure to get a well-matched package of equipment.

And, a significant package discount!

Do I Have to Buy a Package?

No. All of our equipment is available as individual items and we would be pleased to assemble a quotation for anyone’s specific needs.


Package Descriptions

Duct Cleaning Package AAssembled for the contractor who wants the most complete package with the highest level of quality, performance and versatility.

Duct Cleaning Package BSame as Package A except it includes the drill driven power whip system instead of the power brush system for agitation and does not include the hose reel or the marketing brochures.

Duct Cleaning Package B2Same as Package B but it includes the H2500C vacuum in place of the H2500IV IntelliVac.

Duct Cleaning Package CEconomy package that includes all of the basic equipment and tools.

Duct Cleaning Package DFor the contractor on a budget looking for a versatile and high-quality package.

Package Comparison Chart

This chart shows an overall comparison of all of the packages in one convenient document.
To download a comparison of all the equipment packages, click here.

Comparison Chart of Start-Up Packages