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Abatement Technologies® AIRE-SWEEP® Portable Air Compressors

Clean Air Ducts More Effectively

Abatement AIRE-SWEEP Portable Air Compressors provide the compressed air power needed to power our exclusive line of AIRE-SWEEP and DUCT-PRO® compressed air driven tools, and loosen caked-on dirt and debris from ductwork systems. AIRE-SWEEP compressors are the highest quality compressors available and are specially designed to deliver the airflow and air pressure required for effective and efficient duct cleaning. Exceptional air volume and pressure, high-air-quality output, low maintenance and user-friendly design make AIRE-SWEEP compressors the most popular in the duct cleaning industry.

AIRE-SWEEP Model C17-185GH Compressor

aire-sweep Model C17-185GH Compressor

Powered by a Honda Industrial 9 HP OHV Engine

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AIRE-SWEEP Model C17-185GS Compressor

aire-sweep Model C17-185GS Compressor

Powered by a Subaru/Robin 9 HP OHC Engine

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AIRE-SWEEP Model C17-185E Compressor

aire-sweep Model C17-185E Compressor

Powered by a 5 HP 230 volt/30ampere/60 Hz Electric Motor

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AIRE-SWEEP Portable Air Compressors Features & User Benefits

Outstanding features that make our compressors the preferred choice by duct cleaning contractors include:

  • Quality engines that start easily and run smoothly for years of trouble-free operation
  • Two-stage, solid cast iron pump to produce the high volume and pressure needed for special duct cleaning tools
  • Easy access oil drain
  • Two-piece, 11 gauge steel belt guard to protect the flywheel
  • Permanently mounted bracket for an optional detachable hose reel
  • Adjustable belt tensioner to ensure correct alignment and tightness, and maximum performance and life
  • Front lifting handle to facilitate lifting into transport vehicle
  • Easy access to dual tank drain valves
  • In-line filter to protect against moisture and particulate blow-by into the ductwork
  • Easy access valve for quick air filter draining
  • Quick connect for fast connection of air line hose
  • Low-profile lifting handles and 10” "flat free" tires for ease of movement
  • The industry’s most comprehensive warranty and service programs
  • Hundreds of authorized local service centers throughout the country


AIRE-SWEEP Compressor Systems

All AIRE-SWEEP compressors ship as a complete system which includes the following cleaning tool and accessories:

  • 12” AIRE-BOOSTER Gun with quick-connect fitting
  • Forward AIRE-SWEEP assembly
  • Reverse AIRE-SWEEP assembly
  • 3 ea. 50’ non-marking, 250 psi PVC air line hose w/ quick-connect fittings

The unique forward and reverse AIRE-SWEEP tools have 360 degree high-velocity nozzles that dislodge contaminants from the walls of the ductwork. This effective action cleans sections of the duct that are unreachable using other methods.

Learn more about our exclusive line of AIRE-SWEEP Tools and Power Rod System powered by Abatement AIRE-SWEEP Air Compressors. Find out how our complete turnkey equipment packages can get you started in the residential or commercial duct cleaning business quickly.