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DUCT-PRO® Air Duct Cleaning Tools and Accessories

Abatement’s AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush System provides superior duct cleaning performance using specially designed rotary brushes.

Stocked Inventory Ready for Immediate Shipment

Abatement Technologies® carries a complete inventory of DUCT-PRO Air Duct Cleaning Tools and Accessories to help you complete your jobs faster and easier. Our exclusive line of timesaving items are always in stock ready for immediate delivery.



FLEX-A-LITE Fogger: K9-2600

  • Converts anti-microbials and/or deodorizers into an aerosol fog that is applied to duct surfaces
  • Extra long 48” hose to enable operator to reach overhead ductwork
  • Variable output from 0-18 ounces per minute
  • 1½ gallon plastic tank
Chemicals: BBJ Mold Control for HVAC Systems and Air Ducts  

Chemicals: BBJ Mold Control for HVAC Systems and Air Ducts: K6-4300 and Oxine® Sanitizer: K6-3014012

  • BBJ Mold Control for HVAC systems and air ducts
  • Oxine-HVAC is EPA registered for use in HVAC ductwork
Inlet Quick-Connect  

Inlet Quick-Connect: H2250

  • Easily attaches flex duct to 12” vacuum inlet
  • Eliminates the need to use a clamp to attach the hose on each job
  • Protects the machine inlet collar from damage due to over-tightening of hose clamp
Quick-Connect Attachment Collar: H2240-12  

Quick-Connect Attachment Collar: H2240-12

  • Provides fast, secure and easy attachment of flex duct to duct work and plenum
  • Available in 12" and 8"
Flex Duct  

Flex Duct: H2030-12 (12” x 25’)

  • Clear extra heavy duty PVC flex duct for connecting the vacuum to the duct work
  • Available in standard 12” and 8” for special situations
  • 12” available in 5’, 10’ and 25’ lengths. 8” available in 25’ length
Grill-Masks & Dispensers  

Grill-Masks & Dispensers: K1-GM-8 (Grill-Masks) & K1-GM-DS-8 (Dispensers)

  • The fastest and easiest way to temporarily cover registers and grills
  • Convenient dispenser can be worn around the neck or waist
Forward AIRE-SWEEP Assembly  

Forward AIRE-SWEEP® Assembly: C310K

  • Forces air and debris forward away from the operator
  • Can clear an entire branch run from the register to the main
  • Ideal for limited-access ducts above plaster ceilings or in slabs
  • 5/8” OD hose is flexible enough to maneuver, yet stiff enough not to “curl-back” when air is applied
Reverse AIRE-SWEEP Assembly  

Reverse AIRE-SWEEP® Assembly: C320K (25’) & C335K (35’)

  • Nylon nozzle points rearward to force air and debris back toward the operator.
  • Can clear an entire branch run from the main to the register
  • Very flexible hose provides great action inside the duct
  • Two lengths available: 25’ and 35’

AIRE-BOOSTER Gun: C307-12 (12”), C307-24 (24”) & C307-48 (48”)

  • Uses venturi effect to significantly increase airflow to provide fast and effective cleaning of grills, boots, blowers, etc.
  • Connects to C250-50 airline hose assembly (comes with male quick-connect fitting)
  • Available in three lengths: 12”, 24” and 48”
AIRE-VAC Compressed Air Vacuum  

AIRE-VAC Compressed Air Vacuum: V80-201

  • Converts compressed air into a vacuum without electricity
  • Lightweight, compact aluminum body fits through duct access holes to pick up dust, dirt, lint chips, powders and other contaminants
  • Operates on 60-185 psi
  • Uses approximately 12 cfm @ 60 psi
  • Kit includes: Reusable dust bag, 5” nozzle, round duct brush, crevice tool and 20” extension
AIRE-BAG Inflatable Zone Bags  

AIRE-BAG™ Inflatable Zone Bags: K5-218 (18”), K5-224 (24”) & K5-236 (36”)

  • Designed to “zone off” a duct system into smaller, more manageable sections
  • To use, simply insert the bag into the duct and inflate with air through the 36” inflation tube
  • Bag conforms to the inside of the duct and forms an excellent seal
  • Three sizes available: 18”, 24” and 36”
MALCO Hole Cutter & VARI-BIT Hole Saw  

MALCO Hole Cutter & VARI-BIT® Hole Saw: K1-HC1 (MALCO) & K2-VB2 (VARI-BIT)

  • MALCO cuts perfect 2" to 12" diameter holes in metal ductwork for vacuum flex duct connection
  • Vari-Bit bores burr-free 1” access holes for inserting the AIRE-SWEEP Tools
  • Time-saving tools give your job a precise, professional look
CAPLUGS & Zip  Screws  

CAPLUGS® & Zip Screws: K4-1000 (CAPLUGS) & K1-ZS1000 (Zip Screws)

  • CAPLUGS snap quickly and easily into 1” AIRE-SWEEP access holes
  • CAPLUGS provide snug, leak-proof fit and are easily removable
  • Zip screws require no pilot hole
  • Sharp points and dual threads provide fast driving and easy penetration
Cut-Resistant Safety Gloves and Sleeves  

Cut-Resistant Safety Gloves and Sleeves: K9-698 (Glove) & K9-695 (Sleeve)

  • Made of cut-resistant Dupont Kevlar® material
  • Provides hand and arm protection against sharp edges
  • Rugged, yet extremely flexible and lightweight
  • Open weave construction enhances user comfort

Dual Inlet Manifold: H2580

  • Used to combine two HEPA-AIRE Portable Power Vacuums for maximum airflow on larger jobs
  • Simple to use: Attach manifold to ductwork, then attach to 12” inlet flex duct from the two power vacs
  • Predrilled to facilitate quick attachment to the ductwork
Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum  

Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum: V8000WD

  • Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Individually tested and certified 99.97% HEPA filter
  • Stable low-profile design features an easy-emptying 8 gallon tank
  • 135 CFM; 92” w.g.
  • Tool kit included
H2500IV IntelliVac Cover  

H2500IV IntelliVac Cover: H2550

  • Protective cover to protect the H2500IV Intellivac Portable Power Vacuum during transit
  • Also protects the unit in inclement whether when transporting from the truck to the worksite
Replacement Pleated Bag Filters  

Replacement Pleated Bag Filters: H8518BX (H2500IV), H8516BX (H2500C) & H8520BX (H4500)

  • Available for all Abatement Technologies’ Duct Cleaning Vacuums

Download the DUCT-PRO Air Duct Cleaning Tools and Accessories catalog. Find out how our complete turnkey equipment packages can get you started in the residential or commercial duct cleaning business quickly.


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