DUCT-PRO Power Rod System

Blasts compressed air through rods to create a “whipping” action

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DUCT-PRO® Power Rod System

Abatement DUCT-PRO Power Rod System

Cleans Ducts with Compressed Air Blasted through Rods to Create a “Whipping” Action

The unique DUCT-PRO Power Rod System from Abatement Technologies®is a versatile agitation device and compressed air tool used to remove caked-on dirt and debris from air duct systems. The Power Rod System blasts compressed air through flexible rods to create a “whipping” action that scrubs every square inch of the ductwork in a variety of duct types and configurations.

The DUCT-PRO Power Rod System is included in Package A, Package B and Package C of our turnkey packages of air duct cleaning equipment and can also be purchased separately. Click to learn more about our fully assembled packages.

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Features of the DUCT-PRO Power Rod System include:

  • Compressed air constantly blasted through rods causes a “whipping” action over every square inch of the duct
  • Three different rod flexibilities provide almost unlimited options for cleaning all configurations and types of ductwork
  • Flexible rods can be directed where needed and can be used for long runs–even runs over 100 feet!
  • Forward and reverse nozzles deliver air blasts where conventional Aire-Sweeps cannot reach
  • Fittings and nozzles are made of solid brass for durability
  • Rods, nozzles and whip heads are easily and securely connected by quick connects
  • All nozzles and heads fit through 1” access holes

The Power Rod System will save contractors time and frustration–and increase profits.

The DUCT-PRO Power Rod System includes:

  • 3 ea. 5’ low-flex power rods
  • 3 ea. 5’ medium-flex power rods
  • 3 ea. 5’ high-flex power rods
  • Sturdy rod case
  • Forward and reverse nozzles
  • Single-whip power rod head
  • Three-whip power rod head
  • Eight-whip power rod head
  • 6’ air line with hand control valve

Click to download the DUCT-PRO Power Rod System brochure. Contact Us for more information about the DUCT-PRO Power Rod System.

Power Rod Case Rod Case

High flex, medium flex and stiff color-coded rods allow the user to quickly pick the correct rod for each application. Sturdy rod case protects the rods and keeps them all in one place.



Power Rod ConnectorConnector

Solid brass connectors snap together quickly.
A two step disconnect procedure assures that the rods do not unintentionally separate while in use.


Power Rod Air LineAir Line

6’ connector air line with hand operated
air valve to control air flow.

Power Rod Forward Reverse Nozzles


Forward and reverse
brass nozzles fit through
a 1" access hole.


Power Rod Case Single Head Whip

16" Single-Whip Power Rod Head provides very
aggressive cleaning for metal ductwork.

Power Rod Three Whip HeadThree Head Whip

16" Three-Whip Power Rod Head provides mildly
aggressive cleaning for many types of ductwork.

Power Rod Single Head WhipEight Head Whip

16" Eight-Whip Power Rod Head provides gentler cleaning for duct board, lined duct and flex duct.

Worn whips can be easily replaced for all whip heads when necessary.

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