AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush System

Cleans Virtually all Types of Residential & Commercial Air Ducts

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AIRE-SWEEP® Power Brush System

Abatement’s AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush System provides superior duct cleaning performance using specially designed rotary brushes.

*K3-2000 Power Brush
U.S. Patent No. 5,813,089

Cleans Virtually all Types of Residential & Commercial Air Ducts

Abatement’s AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush System* provides superior duct cleaning performance using specially designed rotary brushes and compressed air to safely remove caked-on dirt and debris from all types of ductwork surfaces. The lightweight, compact electric power unit drives the 25’ cable to turn the color-coded cleaning brushes. A remote control gives the operator total control at the point of brush operation.

The AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush System is available separately and is included in Package A of our turnkey packages of air duct cleaning equipment. Click to learn more about our fully assembled packages.

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Features that make the AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush System standout include:

  • Lightweight (45 lbs.) and compact (20” x 11” x 9”) power unit can be moved easily to any access points in the ductwork
  • Quick-connect air fitting attachment to the Power unit allows compressed air to be supplied through the cable casing where a special nozzle blasts debris loosened by the Power Brush
  • Fast, secure assembly of all components using quick-connect fittings
  • Reversible, bi-directional cable design cleans both sides of the ductwork resulting in faster and more efficient cleaning
  • Variable speed motor provides constant torque at all speeds to handle a variety of duct sizes and materials
  • Compact, hand-held remote control allows operator to achieve optimal performance and faster response time at the point of brush operation
  • Ruggedly built to withstand the rigors of duct cleaning and provide years of reliable operation.

Properly designed brushes are essential for effective cleaning. Until now, many brushes for power agitation systems were generally too aggressive for certain cleaning applications. Our unique line of rotary, color-coded brushes has been developed to tackle any duct material and configuration encountered in the field.

Brush features include:

  • Soft-bristle blue poly brushes for sensitive materials like duct board, lined duct, flex and small metal ducts
  • Special “step” brushes with two materials for metal duct: Shorter, stiff black bristles to keep the brush centered and provide aggressive cleaning, and soft, longer red bristles to get into corners and sweep debris away from the surface

Click to download the AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush System brochure with product specs. Contact Us for more information about the AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush System.

Power Brush SetBrush Set

Special color-coded brushes are designed to clean all types and sizes of ductwork. Brushes connect to the cable in seconds. Brush set includes: 8", 12" and 18" diameter soft blue brushes for all types of ducts; and 7"/13"/7" and 11"/18"/11" diameter step brushes for aggressive cleaning of metal ducts.

Cleans all Surfaces

Step brushes clean all surfaces of the ductwork–including the corners.




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